Josai University - Review of Japanes Culture and Society
Submission Guidelines

Guest Editor

The format of the Review is somewhat flexible, but as a general rule the contributions are to be divided equally between English-language essays and Japanese essays that are translated into English. Each issue generally contains 8 essays.

For instance, an issue on Japanese art in the 1970s might include translations of writings by Okamoto Taro, several translations of Japanese critical essays either considered “classic” (of the period) or key to understanding the 70s (contemporary), and several pieces of English-language scholarship.

Each issue also includes 1-2 translations of short pieces of Japanese fiction (one to be translated by Kyoko Selden), which connect to the theme of the issue in some way.

The guest editor is asked to write an introduction to the issue. The length of the introductory essay is to be decided by the guest editor.

The deadline for submissions is March 1st with the date of publication in the fall of that same year.

The guest editor is asked to:

  • Solicit articles to be submitted for peer review
  • Perform content-based editing of all articles accepted for publication
  • Choose translators (each translator will be provided with editorial assistance to smooth out their translations prior to submission)
  • Edit translations for accuracy
  • Work with the copyeditor to prepare and approve all texts for typesetting
  • Proof the typeset version and approve the issue for publication

The managing editor will act as a secondary editor and help edit/copyedit each of the submissions.

The Center will assist with obtaining copyrights for translations