Josai University - Review of Japanes Culture and Society
Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for Submissions to the Review of Japanese Culture and Society
The Review follows the style guidelines set forth by the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed.

Text Preparation:

1) Texts should be approximately 7,000 words and no more than 8,000 words including notes
2) Double space text (12 point font) and notes (12 point font)
3) Notes are to be formatted as endnotes
4) Code macrons as ō, etc. (e.g., Lady Nijō)
5) The Review does not incorporate the use of Japanese characters; make sure
that all Japanese is given in Romanized form.
6) Authors are responsible for obtaining rights and the cost of obtaining rights for any
images to be included. Please submit copies of rights permissions documents.
7) Please submit a list of 5-10 potential readers for the peer review process.

Contributor’s Profile:

Please submit a profile with your contribution to the issue. See the sample.
Also, please submit your mailing address, fax number, and any other relevant contact information for the coming year.